Sunday, July 25, 2010

Foot note

Well the weekend seems to have flown by.. I always find it hard to just 'sit down' on the weekends - all that running between chores and dashing to pick up a project. BUT, when i was having a 'sit down' i was looking at this:

Him fluffy white self is perched atop of a couple of rather unsightly foam matresses. Every time we store them away someone needs them for a sleepover. Then we realised that they were quite useful in the loungeroom as an ottoman. Aaaaahaaa! then i realised all i needed to do was cover them.
So voila - i whipped up a slip cover:
Again, using the 'let's work through the stash credo. I found some upholstery scraps and just pieced them together. The fact that i only had small pieces led me to do this patchwork effect. When i needed a slightly different shade i turned the fabric over and incorporated the reverse.. the red inspired a bit of embroidered detail..
Hopefully HIS fluff won't get embedded too much into this....


katiecrackernuts said...

We had pieces of rubber cut to odd shaped pillows when the children were little. A bit like big building blocks, with removable fabric covers. They were great and could be built into extra chairs, table and pillow on the floor or a spare bed for a wee one. The kids are bigger now but they still get thrown on the loungeroom floor for the same uses.

Sarah said...

I love what you've done with the cover - well done!


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