Sunday, July 18, 2010

Allocated places please..

So Thursday pm (of this huge one week holiday i've had) was noodles with friend plus Vicious threads class at the MCA. Artist Kate Scardifield led us through her favourites of the Biennale then up to the workshop room which had a perfect night view of the city from the roof top terrace. The class is in the evenings for 2.5 hours. It's $20 and includes drinks + nibbles OH! and a lesson AND materials! Wow - great for those of us that have limited time and can find a whole term a bit daunting.
So, on Thursday we learnt felting.

The emphasis was on experimenting, trying out various techniques.
In it's most simplest form we did this: we put down a towel. Then a piece of nylon curtain. Then teased out some wool fibre, lay horizontally, then vertically. Covered with nylon. Wet down with lux flakes soap + warm water. Rolled up a sushi mat, kept rolling to agitate.
I wanted to try mixing threads with the fibres...

Although i had to lay another layer of fibres over this to stop the threads just coming off..

this is the finished sample with another piece that i had layed 'eyes' into it - then i folded it and cut slits..
I also wanted to try prising holes into it as i went and 'burying' some muslin pieces..

I was surprised that i even managed a felt ball. The great thing is at that time of the evening my brain isn't really thinking - so i just went with the process and for a 2 hour workshop it was nice to play - and make some samples without getting huffy.

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