Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whether you like it or not..

So Sydney is a bit chilly, but then layering, berets, scarves + boots are wonderful..
Sniffles are not. Feeling 'under the weather' is not. Knowing you have so much to be grateful for, but yet little pangs of restlessness are set in. The voices in the head. The questions: 'How can i have more creative time?' "What AM i going to do in said creative time?' Blah .. blah.. 'Where AM i going creatively?' blah blah...
Is this constant mind chatter just part of what it is to be living a creative life?
Phase one of dealing with it was to go for a walk...

..get some magazines, soup, ginger + cranberry juice...
.. followed by strawberries + organic yoghurt with lemon myrtle + macadamia..

THEN, just in case you're still unsure, finish with triple choc brownie + a green tea. Hmmm phase one (plus catching up with good friends did work quite well.. !
Phase 2 was visiting the Sydney Craft + Quilt Fair...

ps.. I read this week that some restaurants in New York have banned their customers taking shots of their own food. Particularly when other customers complained, or tripods were involved! Whereas some restaurant owners were torn, believing that bloggers of today can also be food critics of tomorrow!
Personally I'm just a sucker for journalling/personal documentation... What's your excuse?

1 comment:

CurlyPops said...

I always get a bit scared of taking photos of my food in a cafe. I always think that the owner is going to come over and growl at me!


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