Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sew long...

These trees are at my bus stop, I had to do a quick iphoto before i boarded the 7.47 last Friday morning. They made me stop, as I enjoyed seeing such obvious signs of the season. It reminded me of this photo i took last October in Japan.

It was lovely to see window displays and street decoration that added to the mood of the weather..
Ok, so then i settled inside... and Saturday's Project was:
Luckily while Miss R and I sewed.. 28 'flags' to cover 5 metres of window...

Her twin brother had a friend over. After they had finished setting light to home made rockets on the lawn, hose in hand. (Mr R watching out the window).. they moved to the kitchen. By then i was hardly worried about knives.. they tackled the sushi kit.. which is a FANTASTIC way to occupy two 12 year old boys for an hour.. without flames...

We did take a break to see Toy Story 3 in 3D (at weekend matinee prices) which was amazing. (Friday night we recapped and watched 1 +2 so we were up with the character development). The third movie was wonderful. More toys, more plans from Woody. It had very tense moments and an evil looking baby.. Go see it soon!
But back to bunting.. the last month saw the installation of new windows and almost completion of faux wooden blinds for Miss R's room. I thought it would be nice to 'soften' it with some fabric. Bunting seemed the way to go!

I had found some horse fabric last week at the quilt show, the rest was from our stash.

A friend had told me about ribbons galore which have just about everything your bunting needs require.
For a previous post about Miss R's room before the redo see here.
Phew. So that's a relief. Got that out of my system..

As I popped into to see MR R jnr he was busy making trees:

For a diorama he is working on..

So that was half of the weeknd's projects.. I'll have to pop back with Sunday's soon...
But Dr Who calls and I have a school skirt to hem.

Note: fun family night ended in an argument in the car with everyone going to bed in a huff. Yes we are a creative lot. BUT it appears we are also normal... just so you know.


katiecrackernuts said...

Creative and normal. Love it. Hope everyone's woken up feeling a little more rested and less grumpy. :)

katiecrackernuts said...

Little something ... yes. Start on Friday as the Cumberland Newspaper Group's deputy online ed. Eek.

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