Sunday, June 20, 2010

Phase 2..out + about...

Saturday i decided to pop (a 3 hour stop) into the Craft + quilt fair.. It's coming next to Hobart in July.
I'm not a quilter. BUT I do like to make things. I like to see other people soooo excited to be hunting down new supplies, new techniques, new creative friends. I'd like to be a quilter. I'd like to make things bigger than a4 (US Letter/foolscap).. I'd like to retire early. Anyway.. meanwhile i had a lovely time weaving in and out of the aisles.. It was great to see the usual and expected BUT also the new favs.. Kelanifabric had a great display - check out their site for a cool collection of Aussie kits, including Kristen Doran's Bunny pattern seen above.

It was great to see people: watching, taking part in workshops, stocking up.. I had a chat to Julie from the Quilters Barn, she had beautiful fabrics - from cottons with a 1940's feel to linens that looked like washed out teatowels. I had to sulk away after she told me how much she gets to travel to Japan + France... :( she does do tours though.. (i think she said they were updating their website).
One of my best discoveries was..
Room for Threads, where i purchased this little collection.. those little vessels are silk worm cocoons.. uh huh.
so what do you do with them? Well if you are a talented fibre + textile artist probably quite a lot. However.. this is what my playtime today produced..

then i added a bit more..
Here's the closeup..
Who needs bling, when you can have fibre + threads....?
Oh, so THEN i had to purchase some fabric too...
The top row, apart from the brown piece are cuddly wuddly flannelette! I'm pretty sure they were from Post Office Patchwork. I couldn't wait to make a vintage looking something or other... I was surrounded by people who needed to buy many squares.. I did offer myself up for adoption as one woman declared that HER daughter didn't NEED another quilt! So after the fibre play i made this..

Needless to say the sunlight had disappeared (hence lighting in shot) the floor needed vacuuming, the fridge had broccoli + carrots, the day had gone.
BUT I had a fantastic time - voices of discontent? what voices?


Tania said...

WHo needs bling indeedy! Am utterly impressed with that fibre art stuff you and the silk worms have happening...

Shireen said...

Love your cocoon necklace. There was a craze for keeping silkworms as pets in my primary school days. If only we had thought to dye the cocoons and sell them as craft supplies. I like the blog renovations, your lovely photos look so much bigger.


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