Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pencil in my pocket..

You wouldn't think it would be that hard to fit in just one more teeny weeny activity would you?
Oh, you would.
I must confess i have a couple of pencils sitting here that have been kindly mailed from Lea from "with a pencil in my pocket.. see here for my last effort.
This pencil was titled EARTH BROWN.

Here is my activity:

I have been itching to 'play' with my water colours for a while. Mainly 'cos i have a new tool. I saw the Stamp Trap using such a tool at the recent Sydney Quilt Show. They were using it with these gorgeous watercolour crayons (which it took all my restraint to NOT purchase). So i got sucked in and bought said 'tool' instead.

It's a pen. But it's also a paint brush. It's called a waterbrush. Hhmmm. A candidate for a little branding exercise me thinks.

So it feels lovely to use as the fingers grip it perfectly (like a pen, as opposed to those skinny paintbrushes).
The end unscrews, you fill it with water - but a valve stops it from all gushing down to the brush tip.
So you can blend the ink or paint instantly. Which may seem silly - it only takes a second to dip a brush into water after all. But it was great! No wiping, just a steady slight flow...
Don't you love new discoveries?


Sarah said...

This is amazing. I wish I could do that, but I'm left with blogging about my life and teaching kids trampoline acrobatics.

mariannealice said...

So relieved to see i'm not the only one running behind...I sat down yesterday and did a bit of a catch up before the next pencil arrives and I have four of them staring at me! Enjoyed your words, the painting and now I think I need me one of those waterbrushes...


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