Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let me out..!

So we are into 6 days of winter.. (which is lovely, yes). All that 'comfort food' etc. Last night it was braised lamb shanks.. BUT it has been raining for about a month. This shot was taken on my WAY to work. Before 9am.
So today was indeed time to GET out and ABOUT.
Miss R and I started here..

The Mitchell Road Auction Centre which is an Aladdin's Cave indeed.. as we wound our way through all its nooks and crannies, I saw this:

I guess it served something deliciously homemade, while families chatted on rugs without an electronic gadget insight. (They probably still argued in the car on the way home though).
I nearly bought these..
They do remind me slightly of the wallpaper we had in the lounge room when i was growing up. Went a treat with the turquoise carpet.. there was quite a lot of orange..

We are currently deep into Mad Men series 3, and it was great getting up close and personal to some striking lights. I was quite tempted to take this chap home..

Two hours later we needed sustenance.. in Erskinville, we stumbled upon ... the kick inside

It was the orange vinyl chairs, the cosiness and artwork on the wall that got me in.. It didn't disappoint. Simple and tasty with a little bit of quirk. I enjoyed my goat's cheese + leek quiche on mis-matched 70's crockery.
We then popped into the Everleigh Artisans market which seems to be building and then wandered a little bit of Newtown. Always good to see the favourites and then find some new ones.. Like Monster Threads..
I had to add this to my t-shirt collection..

Then the rain came back. So then did we. It was dark when we got home, but here are my purchases from the Antique place.. A little Japanese ceramic money box which reminded me of one of my favourite Japanese artists, Yoshitomo Nara

And I HAD to give into a little desire I'd been harbouring for German pottery..

Both were still cheaper than the tin Pinocchio. I did think it funny how overwhelming it is when faced with sooooo much - how hard it is to make a decision. But now they are back at my place (in isolation) I have to say I'm very chuffed! Miss R stuck to her horsey theme and this little wind-up tin piece is now next to her bed..

The last thing i have to share is.. guess what else i discovered? That you can chop up Mars bar and add it to a hot chocolate! Guaranteed to get you through a rainy day..

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too, whether it was inside or out...


katiecrackernuts said...

Oh I know how you feel. Thank goodness for the sunshine on Sunday morning. I was able to open up the house, dry washing and generaly air everything. The lawns will be mown tomorrow and then I have to find someone to help replace the Hills Hoist - a good old one - that fell down with the weight of all that washing. Far out!

riyo said...

wow, you were soo busy!!!!
but sunshine is back this week!
the shop looks great!!!!
is it difficult to get by public transport??

Pedro Garcia Millan said...



Mike said...

Bordeaux grape


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