Monday, June 14, 2010

Colourful nights in Sydney

Sydney is currently chilly and holding 'Vivid' it's festival of 'light, music & ideas. Part of that was "Creative Sydney". Sounds good, heaps of creative people getting together for various events...

Last Friday I listened to the panel discussion "Making it Happen". The speakers were Brooke Johnston and Sarah Thornton (The Finders Keepers Markets), Emil Vrisakis and Chad Ford (Bowl-A-Rama) and Dean Sewell (Oculi Photography Collective). It is encouraging to see + hear creative people getting together, you kind of know some of it won't be your thing - but it's nice to be surprised by how much you enjoyed listening to the dedication, trials and tribulations of what happens when you don't have the run of the mill day job.
What is life like on the other side, you wonder?
Sadly the time ticked on and questions were limited. What i wanted to ask was: "Is there room for more than one design/art market?" I guess there is, and we do have several: pyd design market, the young blood designers market, Everleigh artisans market, plus the established markets of Glebe, Paddington, The Rocks and Surry Hills markets that have handmade items amongst their mix. BUT.. (you knew there was one)
What happens to all the creative folk that get knocked back from Finders Keepers, or who have already had stalls and been replaced? As we turn away from mass produced, following handmade seems to be full of decisions: Online? wholesale? can you offer the same pieces to both customers? markets - but which ones + how can you plan when the goal posts shift?
I dunno, but would be interested to hear your thoughts...

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