Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paper heaven..

So as Sydney-siders braved the Sunday showers, and i held back the sniffles we all shuffled paper at the 2010 MCA zine fair. It was a great day. There were mumblings about people who don't just sell zines... but i think we should celebrate diversity and welcome creativity in its various forms. Where else do you get to experiment and not ask why? I enjoy seeing what everyone has come up with and was delighted to make my first sale of the day - a little handmade tofu head to a young french boy who couldn't speak English (or read my zines) but was drawn to my piece of tofu..
Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi, to those that loved my tiny button zine and appreciated my 'tofu wisdom' zine (they will be online soon).

Here's my favourite pic amongst many wonderful offerings:

Drawn in by the electric colours, the incredibly detailed works by sisters Anney B and Mechelle B. Who print their illustrations on a Riso/gocco press.
Take a closer look at my purchases:
And it folds to look like a washing line.. awesomeness for $2!

And how cool is this?

So there it was.. i hope everyone had a good time.. the zine community in Australia is quite small it would be nice to all be able to share it...even if you do sell badges.


Busy Bird said...

I love anney B and her sister Mechelle's work. Mechelle did an exhibition recently and she had drawn onto teacups and saucers which were beautiful! Hope the fair went well for you and miss R

Shireen said...

I heard some chatter too about non-zine products but I think it was mostly from people who missed out on a stall so I can understand their grumpiness. I like your new collage-y header!


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