Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In the post box.. part 2

Recently i received some of my new Tofu head postcards in the mail. These are little scenes i have set up and photographed - that make me smile (and hopefully some of you, too!)
BUT this time i also tried out the NEW online sticker place Sticker You the one here is quite tiny 30mm, postage stamp size. What is so good about that - I hear you ask? Well, the thing is you can upload ANY design you like and they DIE-CUT it!! So if you had a cloud shape - your sticker would be a great quality vinyl cloud shape sticker!! Cool yes?! For $6.99 a sheet plus $5 postage you get a whole sheet of whatever you choose to put on it.. whatever size + shape you like, as many different designs you want to upload. Yay!
Stickers for your handmade goodies, stickers for your Etsy sales, stickers for gifts... I suggest you go play..

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