Sunday, May 2, 2010

In my suitcase...

The other week when i was away, i did pack some reading material for those moments on the sun lounger.
Amongst the chic lit was this:

I'd heard Kari speak here and here. The interviews had left me wanting more so I popped here to get my own copy. (The book depository was an amaaaaaazing find! At great prices and FREE worldwide shipping - that only seems to take a week - a new world can be accessed with a click - oops!)
Anyway, even though I've read/skimmed/seen lots on this topic, I still think the book is great to have - as Kari has collated all that info (and more) in a very digestible way.
She also has a chatty narrative making it seem like a friendly helping hand.
The layout looks good, makes topics easy to find in a flick and has some lovely sketches by Emily Martin (The Black Apple) and Jen Skelley.

What i really appreciated was Kari's creative collective, 30 creative crafter's who are experienced in their field and who share their advice throughout the book. Of course their own websites are also listed and make another great resource.

My other read - I've been meaning to get to for quite sometime..

How talented is this Australian author?! What a truly gorgeous book this is.
It is set during the war, and i was on holiday in a tropical paradise.. but this didn't matter.. I wanted to savour the words.. like sucking chocolate on your tongue and trying to hold onto it's taste a little longer..he indeed is a crafter of the written form.
Unexpectedly it also had some drawings which was a delightful surprise..

So, have you read anything wonderful lately?
Oh - a couple more finds to chat about pop back again in a day or so..
Sorry - but new Dr Who awaits!


Betty Jo said...

Thanks for the book review. I somehow ended up on the authors website yesterday and was wondering about the benefits of this book. If you reckon it's good I'll give it a whirl!

Anonymous said...

I think I might get a copy too... I've read a couple of trustworthy peoples reviews now and it seems like it's a good tool to have. Thanks for your thoughts on it!


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