Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ok so where did i go?

Warning: this blog post may contain images that offend, as in: you're annoyed I'm showing you paradise!
For that i apologise upfront - but in the interest of sharing, let me show you a bit of:
Firstly, yes, it was a tropical paradise, in the South Pacific. Near New Caledonia. About 2.5 hours flight from Sydney. They speak English, French and Bislam. They accept Australian + New Zealand dollars and their Vatu. Last week it was 30-33 degrees (C) everyday. The nights were balmy.

Crystal clear waters. Luscious leaves. Colour aplenty.

There was plenty to see or do, or not. I found that i was in a blissful state after just 4hours of arriving. Some days we did stuff. Some days we didn't. We kayaked on the lagoon, walked around Port Vila, went on a tour to a local village, horse rode on the beach and snorkeled in THE most amazing underwater garden I have EVER seen!

There was also a real side - seeing how the locals live and eat, their way of life.

Of course i had an eye out for anything crafty.. I guess it was more a way of life for the women selling their wares at the markets. Who sat sewing up tropical sundresses for tourists at their market stalls on wind up sewing machines. Often with children lying at their feet.
We did do the package deal resort thing , Le Lagon (giving the local economy some help) it was great for the kids and lovely not to have to clean or cook! It was the first time the kids haven't had self catering in their 12 yrs! But it also meant there were activities and entertainment... The newsletter arrived every night at our door.
Oh! did i shriek when i saw weaving listed..

So as i sat and concentrated weaving my palm fronds: unna won, ova won, unna too, ova won. two times. then again.. the water sports guy sat and whipped up this kingfisher bird from HIS palm frond...
Naturally it was a photographer's delight so off i went..

It was indeed the ultimate break - fun for all the family. I would advise researching deals + packages as it can add up otherwise.. the people we met were open, straight-forward and friendly. I can honestly say it felt like i had not a care in the world ... which for a quick break is priceless, don't you think?

What about the i-shell anyone?


katiecrackernuts said...

Brilliant. Looks gorgeous and sounds like a great family holiday place. I went to Samoa last year because a friend was living there, who also happens to have lived and worked in Vanuatu. I loved the place. After living in Vietnam and experiencing some of the poorer regions of Bangladesh as an aid worker (yes, a whole other life) I wasn't sure whether I'd warm to the Pacific, but oh Lordy, who knew. Now I just want to don my long shorts and set sail. Literally.

angelique said...

We loved Vanuatu when we visited ....we found the whole place relaxed and friendly. Even though we live on another tropical island Vanuatu has a different feel about it, it is even more laid back than here. I am glad you all had a nice holiday. All your talk and photos is making me want to go back again!!


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