Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday projects..

This afternoon was a bit of a mad dash to do some more of the year 6 'Identity project'. In the context of looking at Australia and what it means identity wise. The boy is researching the invention of Vegemite (certainly an experiment that one)... the girls are doing a short play about Barry Humphries and his character Dame Edna..
Meanwhile i got back onto those embroidery projects i had standing by..

Sailor ... soldier...

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.. whatever your project...


shagpile said...

Well that just cave me a craving for vegemite! I don't know how easy it is to come by in Spain though. :S

Loving the embroidery. Very, very cute! Hope you are doing well.

P.s. I bought a backpack with wheels from the shop in Town Hall that you recommended. Best idea ever!!! :)

Wendy . . . said...

Love Love Vegemite!
Awesome stuff when you've grown up with it!

hiki said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, i'm glad you found my blog :)
And what great embroidery projects! They are so lovely!!


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