Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stuck for an idea..

So while i was in the shed, i imagined myself doing a series of lovely little collage pieces.. Like the ones spotted here, by Heather Chontos. (above + below).

Simplicity is definitely an art form. I was surrounded by bits of colour I'd painted, bits i'd stamped and collected. I really wanted to make a gift for a friend. I stuck bits down, I took bits away..
This is how it turned out...

So yuh, not quite simplicity. Guess it's gonna take me longer than a few hours to work through some stuff..
In the meantime guess i'll keep trying to work on 'my' style. Trouble is I like to play and jump around.. I think by experimenting i'll discover someplace to settle... I then jumped back on the mac and played around with this idea..

It was lovely to be able to play again, no I wasn't available to come out today..


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