Sunday, March 14, 2010

A stitch in time...

So as i try and reclaim some of my creative time.. i got to play a little to manage some embroidery..
This went through my mind first: should i just practice some random stitches? should i do abstract? should i buy a pattern? should i do some sketches? Actually, I should just START! so i did:

I based it on that sketch i did a few weeks ago with my left hand, i then drew on the linen with a marker that dissolves (altho i need to wash that a little more).. I think i should just keep stitching away until i find my groove and style..
However i did cut up some excess Ikea packaging to 'order' my embroidery threads.. with the intention of being able to carry a project for on-the-go..

Did you get to create or 'order' anything this weekend?


angelique said...

Yes I got to make a new rabbit! I think this was because the kids weren't around for a big chunk of the weekend.....nothing like no distractions to aid creativity.

Busy Bird said...

I love your emboidary! Your drawings will translate beautifully. I did make stuff this weekend. 75 stamped nameplace cards with your lovely design! can't wait to show you.

riyo said...

so cute!!!
i like the way thread remained...!!
new projects!!!
embroidry hoops!!!


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