Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday projects..

This afternoon was a bit of a mad dash to do some more of the year 6 'Identity project'. In the context of looking at Australia and what it means identity wise. The boy is researching the invention of Vegemite (certainly an experiment that one)... the girls are doing a short play about Barry Humphries and his character Dame Edna..
Meanwhile i got back onto those embroidery projects i had standing by..

Sailor ... soldier...

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.. whatever your project...

Awesome opportunity..

If you would like to learn more about hand cut stamps AND have a go yourself AND are in Sydney on April 10th you could do a workshop...with Riyo from Talk to the wind and sun
hand carved stamp workshop on APRIL 10th

where: hondakara full of books
address: Level 1, 465 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000
date: 10th April, 2010 (saturday)
time: 11am-1pm (2 hours)

fee:$28 per person
includes: tea + sweet treats

5 seats available.
RESERVATION is needed.
please contact:
call 02-9261-5225
otherwise, please email (riyo) to

How gorgeous. How perfect indeed.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stuck for an idea..

So while i was in the shed, i imagined myself doing a series of lovely little collage pieces.. Like the ones spotted here, by Heather Chontos. (above + below).

Simplicity is definitely an art form. I was surrounded by bits of colour I'd painted, bits i'd stamped and collected. I really wanted to make a gift for a friend. I stuck bits down, I took bits away..
This is how it turned out...

So yuh, not quite simplicity. Guess it's gonna take me longer than a few hours to work through some stuff..
In the meantime guess i'll keep trying to work on 'my' style. Trouble is I like to play and jump around.. I think by experimenting i'll discover someplace to settle... I then jumped back on the mac and played around with this idea..

It was lovely to be able to play again, no I wasn't available to come out today..

Reclaimed time..

I didn't go to the shops. I read a book lying on the grass. I didn't go out (well just to take the kids to the pool).
I flicked through new magazines. I didn't clean. I didn't catch up with anyone (only dropped the girl to a party) BUT i did go to the shed..
I got out the modelling compound..

Using an old credit card to smooth it across a surface helps to get an even finish. Here I'm smoothing it over a cheap 'canvas pad'.. Then i dry brush some paint over the top..

Then using some rubber off cuts i carved a a couple of shapes, inked them up and stamped them on..
There is hesitation about just how far to go as you can't 'undo'. But then you've just gotta go with it..

While in the shed I thought i'd try a monoprint. I've been enjoying Cathy Cullis's work - see her monoprint here. So I painted some waterbased ink onto glass, then placed paper onto the dry ink. Using a drypoint etching tool i did a few small doodles.. Some worked better than others.. here's a few..

I do like a bit of smudge and the line work had it's little surprises... I think i need to do some more and try different ink/paper combos..
Then i scanned it all in and ended up with this..

I had to work wonders with pasta, green beans, half an avocado, some smoked trout and almost ripe tomato for dinner... but I soooooo enjoyed my reclaimed time!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A stitch in time...

So as i try and reclaim some of my creative time.. i got to play a little to manage some embroidery..
This went through my mind first: should i just practice some random stitches? should i do abstract? should i buy a pattern? should i do some sketches? Actually, I should just START! so i did:

I based it on that sketch i did a few weeks ago with my left hand, i then drew on the linen with a marker that dissolves (altho i need to wash that a little more).. I think i should just keep stitching away until i find my groove and style..
However i did cut up some excess Ikea packaging to 'order' my embroidery threads.. with the intention of being able to carry a project for on-the-go..

Did you get to create or 'order' anything this weekend?


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