Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where has the time gone?

So sorry for the pause in posting.. perhaps it was merely that i had nothing much to say..
the following is also not high on news value either - but just in case you've been wondering what i've been up to...

Miss R (and her brother) are about to turn 12.. indeed where has THAT time gone? So it appears her room needs updating from this..

To something else.. so we'll just pack up everything, paint the walls + get some new bed coverings and make a couple of cool cushions shall we?
But first we had to dismantle the bed, oh - we really should rip up the carpet - it is quite revolting..
so yesterday we completed phase one..

We then had to order wood for the floors, 2 new windows and wooden blinds.
What happened to just making some cool cushions?

1 comment:

VaLili said...

room transformation!!!! woohoo!! I've always love that!!


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