Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Page turners..

So when i wasn't 'posting' what was i doing? One of my favourite pastimes - flicking through magazines!
Have you seen this one?
Published in Canada, Uppercase is a magazine for the 'creative and curious".
Can i just say it is totally awesome! I gave up trying to get it in Australia and subscribed $130AUD for 4 issues - it even smelt good! It was definitely worth it.. Here's why:
• bits about - illustrators, designers, artists, crafters, authors, collectors, typographers, creators!
• amazing reader submissions
• great little discoveries
• more on some of our favourite folk
• hours of inspiring entertainment away from the computer...
Ooooooh! AND Matte Stephens is designing the next cover!! OMG! Subscribe now - i implore you...
Here's a bit of a look at my copies (issue 3 +4)...

They even have an inspiration page - which is a much better visual trip than my pics go here.


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