Sunday, February 21, 2010

Out and about

This morning as I was wondering what had happened to the time and how we were going to catch up.. I was faced with the realization - sometimes you have to choose between your cyber world and the real world..
How could i say no to a few hours on the lake as part of a Scouts family sailing day..?

That's MR R above trying to learn from a 10 year old - with Miss R acting as a human weight.. (PFD'S were added shortly after this shot!)..

That's Mr R jnr at the front of the canoe - he is the Sea Scout in the family. The very same one that spent the other weekend on a 2 day canoe training session in cold + rainy conditions..
nothing like a sausage sizzle to finish.. (altho - the only time i ever really appreciated one was when i was 10 weeks pregnant)...

1 comment:

katiecrackernuts said...

Yah. Just my kind of day out. So many Girl Guide adventures like this planned for this year. Not sure how I will keep on top of it all.


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