Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Next page.. or two or ten

Then.. still not able to get to my studio/desk/supplies.. I flicked some more, this time through Cloth Paper Scissors jan/feb issue..
Now, it's true they do like to pack a lot in.. whether that's on the one page or ONE project.. but there's often something to discover and find yourself wanting to try..
Me? I'm a sucker for a bit of assemblage and encaustic - so loved reading about Crystals work:

then sat and wished i had some creative paper clay (must track that down!) to make one of these 'fanciful sculptures'...

There was plenty more including clever little dolls made from cloth drop sheets..

Overseas mags can get a bit pricey, my rule is: if it has 3 items that get me in - then it earns a place on my bookshelf!

Last one for the moment was ..
the Japanese fashion mag So-en.. the reading part is quick unless you DO read Japanese.. but the visuals are enjoyable if you don't.. full of little quirky things and great styling - both whimsical and way out.. including a good dose of stylish without all that samey stuff we usually see.. these 2 pics don't exactly give you the idea.. so you may want to do some research of your own.. anyway - how long til the weekend?? - all that inspiration to process...

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