Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today i was thinking where, oh where can i go for some inspiration? And so i did leave the building.. That's Mr R and me (Miss R took the shots an 'L' plate hipstamatic student). We were checking out the Clover cafe in Annandale.. for a full review and better pics pop over here. I discovered that little cubes of watermelon in a salad with haloumi cheese is a gorgeous summer combo.
We also visited the Everleigh Artisans market which is really taking off.. which is great to see as there can be a lack of appreciating handmade, in the market sense in Sydney. Too often handcrafted items are forced to sit amongst cheap imports - or everything is so 'designed' and expensive..
It's always a pleasure to view the wonderful work of Gill Brooks of handmade felt.. the colours and sensitivity she applies to felting is definitely worth checking out..

These also caught my eye..

Mark from Black Box Architects had made up tiny (smaller than 15cm high) sculptures and was also selling kit packs to make your own, encouraging folks to email in shots of their creations.. I did think these would make a nice gift - particularly for a chap - as usually they can be under represented in the markets..when searching for potential presents..

They also took me back to Design Festa (Tokyo) last October when i was surrounded by talented people doing awesome things - for apparently no reason - just because they could! I love that.. so then i came home to tackle Flickr...

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mark coulston said...

Hey Tara,

Meant to contact you earlier to thank you for your comments on my work on the blog. Your friend at the paddington markets mentioned it when I was there last. Nice blog by the way. I got to check out some of those links!


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