Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coffee table book, well?

Last Sunday i was obsessed about uploading a photo book, or 2. And here they are!
The one on top is 'Tofu Wisdom"

The pic on the left reads: 'Solitude can be overwhelming', the one on the right:'Avoid being a headline'..

I have been playing around with this idea for awhile - creating little scenes and photographing them. It was challenging to find the right words.. but I'm happy with the result.. I think i might do a zine version next..
So if you haven't been to Snapfish head over there and check out their photobooks. This was under $20AUD - it's sightly bigger than postcard size and took 5 days to arrive.
The process was really fun - there's lots of combinations, papers, layouts to choose from..
I also made one from my trip to Japan..
All you have to do is hit upload!


myf said...

oooh i love "poodle" trees!

dash robin said...

i love the tofu wisdom...very sweet. and the books look so adorable! I especially love the size of them.

bowb said...

it's good to see the photo books can be customised without all the cheesy borders and pastel backgrounds! i've been thinking making one for a while.

btw, i bought your "30 cool things..." zine last week at the zine fair -- it is totally one of my favourites from the day. :)


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