Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sketch club

So about this time of year do you get all antsy wanting to take a course or something?
Or is that just me? Last week i decided to have an impromptu 'wednesday night sketch club', since i had a friend over and Miss R (12 yrs) and i needed some drawing practice. We took it in turns to set up a still life each.. it's also a good idea to put a spotlight on the subject - so you have some light and shade..
We all drew a framing rectangle to start..

I like the idea of using the rectangle as a cropping device. It was interesting to see the individual styles and approaches... next set up..

I liked the way that the leaf in Miss R's monotone sketch took on a landscape feel..
last one was a miniature plastic cat on a dolls' sofa...
I really wasn't enjoying it (mine is bottom left) but just went with the 20minute exercise.. Miss R's (right) would make a great linoprint/stamp/etching i think...
So why not hold your own sketch club - it's a great excuse to use all those little objects you've collected!

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