Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sew hot yesterday!

While others may be facing chills, snow and horrific weather conditions.. yesterday in Sydney was an exhausting 4o degrees (C) (104F). So a friend, Miss R and i all took shelter and had a lovely crafternoon.
I had established a need a for a small wrist tote. Something to put the ipod in while walking the 2km trek to work. . separate to the backpack, easy to get to and perhaps throw in a coin purse + glasses too..
This is what i came up with:

yes, the fabrics are from recent visit to Japan, the handles i also found in a fabric shop in Nippori + the button from the gorgeous french button shop (also in Nippori and mentioned here before). This soft linen often features in many Japanese craft books and has such a beautiful feel - both tactile + visual!
Here's the reverse:
It's nothing complicated, just a 210mm square. The handles + materials give it that certain something.. I've also been 'itching' to do a little embroidery - so after being inspired by another japanese craft book i added this old style telephone. Soooo cute..
Oh! and Miss R said she needed a new pencil case for back to school this week - but wanted to sew one..
complete with handed felted ball (she learnt that from the talented talk to the wind and sun).. I hope Miss R can teach me next...
this was her work..

and what a nice sharing mama to 'let go' some of her japanese fabric...


katiecrackernuts said...

The telephone is cute.
Oh, I so know what you mean abou the "lady" thing. A Girl Guide leader, I note more and more as I get older the parents instructing their daughters not to call me Kate. All my Guides call me Kate. I don't have weird animal or Aboriginal names, it's just Kate and the kids like it. When I was 18 and leading units, that was fine, but at 35, I have noticed some parents are not OK with it.

VaLili said...

eerrr. wow? I absolutely love it! It's soo cute yet zen-like.


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