Sunday, January 24, 2010

the pencil in my pocket project..

Do you sometimes look at peoples' blogs/projects/work and ask 'how DO they come up with stuff like that?!'
Leaf Cutter Designs is one of those people that makes me ask that question.Check out her various projects here. Recently I signed up for "With a pencil in my pocket' where participants are sent a pencil to 'seek out a real, material manifestation of the pencil’s color name – a place, person, thing, creature, activity, etc. – that somehow embodies the essence of the color name'. The pencil above arrived in my mail box last week.. So today i took the family on a bush walk to find inspiration for my pencil which is named "Mermaids Gown".
10 minutes drive from our house is a very nice track which un-beknown to me lead to a lovely little beach with sculptural rocks in less than 30 minutes.. and I did get my idea.. but more on that later..

ps:rather than do a full scale photographic production - i thought i'd just take some snaps on using my phone.. not bad!..

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