Monday, January 18, 2010

Mystery tour..

Today i had the day off and announced to the kids that i was taking them on a mystery tour.
"Count me out. I'm not going to some art gallery " said Mr R (nearly 12 years old).
Miss R (also nearly 12) had no choice - as i told her a horse was involved.

But how unreal is Tatsu Nishi's installation at the New South Wales art Gallery? Working with the idea of making the everyday strange he has constructed a room around the bronze statues that are out the front of the gallery..
seen here..
so if you are in Sydney you have until Feb 14 to check it out..
why not wander inside and see the Dobell Drawing art prize..

these 2 separate works i love for the idea of small works and using repetition for effect. The top one was a series of individual drawings on the back of postcards using pen and ink. The one below was several mini accordian books with sketches on dark backgrounds.. some had characters (like tin man) which reminded me of stop animation stills.. all very inspiring.. and one of my favourite artists.. Katherine Hattam the work below (not the best photograph) is made up of pages from a penguin book, of which she paints on top of - with parts showing through..

On arriving home - what to do with this inspiration? I decided to pick up a pen in my left hand (i am right handed usually).. I copied a picture from a magazine (this takes away the thinking part) using the pen (not pencil first) just continual line work. I did this because my usual style is quite constricted, contrived NOT LOOSE! Being a bit of a control freak it is also hard for me to 'just do' and 'don't think'. Anyway this is what happened.. why not give it a ago?


feedthedog said...

big fan of left-handed drawing. as a right hander I am a shocking drawer .. as a left hander, well, it's like being possessed by the spirit of a true artist. and you're right, it's all about letting go of control .. truly liberating experience which throws up endlessly surprising results.

and must get to AGNSW, only a hop skip and jump from where i live, so no excuses .. love the photographic background in the first pic.

happy 2010.

katiecrackernuts said...

I tried the left-handed drawing after Bridget Farmer, of BridBird said that's what she did. I drew cicadas, quickly, loose, left-handed. Best drawings I'd done in ages. My partner wanted them framed. (They weren't actually THAT good, but it was a revelation).


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