Sunday, January 17, 2010

in the post box

Sometime ago the lovely Applehead and i decided to do a swap.. you know what it's like - you have the idea, then have to decide how to make it happen???... we came up with 'put 4 categories in envelope'..
1) something found 2) something to inspire 3) something to use 4) something paper..
my little bits of goodness seen above included jasmine blossom tea + a wonderfully crafted accordion book of coloured pencils.. thanks Marianne!
now mine is on it's way to you..

Funny isn't it..? How we can connect with and be inspired by like minded folks on the internet, but then to meet in real life or to exchange old fashioned correspondence is soooo delightful too, and in my case has been made possible (often) by meeting online first..

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