Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1. watch me grow (detail), 2. Cherry on the tree swing!!!, 3. juggler, 4. Collage Embroidery ~ Best Friend

Do you sometimes see something, then a bit later realise you are admiring something similar, then again something catches your eye.. THEN you realise you are being sucked towards some other arty thing?
For me I have suddenly become a little keen on embroidery.. particularly using it in a collage kind of way..
Here are a few varied examples. Cathy Cullis is amazing you should definitely visit her. Hen's Teeth also does lovely things with envelopes..

Today was a public holiday in Australia. It was quite warm... We stayed cool, inside. I had to try some embroidery collage of my own.. it's postcard size.. maybe i can do one a month?

Where did the idea for the composition come from? A japanese magazine of course!

Once the sun had calmed down we ventured out for an evening snorkel, which was our own little Australia Day celebration. For those of you in Oz hope yours was enjoyable too..


Betty Jo said...

Lots of gorgeous arty crafty happenings at chez Dudley going on at the moment!
The sweet mary janes stitchery would make a great card.

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Hi there :) I just 'found' you over at Madeit and WOWEE!!! Love your creating-ness! Am adding you to my read list :)

sapnudin15 said...

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