Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A bit painterly..

Last Sunday i felt like doing a little painting (literally).
Inspired by one of my books from japan.. it included lots of inspirational gems - many of pieces of clothing such as this..
so i flipped through one of my (japanese mags) and stopped here..

I LOVE that layered look, not exactly flattering but I'm just drawn to it.. I found myself doing this..

Who knows why or where this is going.. But when i was made redundant in October ( i now have new job, phew!) one of the things i recognised i wanted in my life was to just be able to 'play'. Here and there. No pressure.. no market stall etc. Just 'do' to see what happens...

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Caroline Martin said...

Its great to just paint, for paint's sake. I am also enjoying this little luxury, now that we built a room for my to art and craft in. Look forward to seeing more of your paint sessions in the future. If you get a chance to view mine and comment, would love it. thanks caroline


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