Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ask not why?

Yesterday after doing some 'chores' you know the bits of life that must be done... I found myself sewing this.
Meet Jeffrey. He ended up a little older than i had first intended, but then again that just means he will have more wisdom to share. Now as i was finishing him .. i did start to wonder 'WHAT on earth are you DOING this FOR???!" It was a warm Sunday. And here i was.
But then art/craft is a bit like that isn't it - don't you think? You just have to go with it. And see what happens.. just explore.. (Incidentally people don't question WHY so many watch/play/train where sport is concerned)..
Anyway! then i whipped up a bit of scenery (something i've been dying to do for ages!) and shot this:


katiecrackernuts said...

Sometimes if we asked ourselves why, we'd actually never do what it is we're asking about. Leave the rational discussions to the management types.

Anonymous said...

Oh I couldn't agree more - when creativity calls you just have to go with it. Love him, he's very distinguished.


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