Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's on my desk?

This is! It's Elvie... lucky i wasn't actually there as he would've been shoved off.... photo courtesy of Miss R.
Oh yes i've been meaning to get back to my desk - and can just about smell the summer break around the corner.. This bit of japanese loveliness was also on my desk..

as are some little wooden items.. while in Tokyo and looking for 'city in a bag'

(which i now realise is only sold prior to Christmas) i came across London Transport in a bag.. too cute!

After a quick burst of Christmas shopping + wrapping, I made it to my desk at the end of the weekend to belatedly work on a Christmas card. Inspired by the simplicity of Japanese design and the whimsical nature of the way they use English i sent this off to get printed.. fingers crossed it arrives in time..

Take a breath and sniff the air ... holidays are on the way folks!

1 comment:

katiecrackernuts said...

That's the sweetest Chrissy card.
City in a bag is so clever, but I think I do like the London Transport bag better.


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