Sunday, December 13, 2009

Speaking of buttons...

On my recent travels (sick of hearing about it yet?) I found some sewing notions you might like.. selected some combos + added a few inked stamps... and voila! I also scouted around for some 'random' vintage japanese buttons .. of which i have also packaged up..

Then my friend said she was having a stall at Glebe market on December 19th. Woo Hoo!. Yes, I'm crazy, i thought, let's do that! So these goodies will be available there ... plus i haven't really been able to actually find my desk in the shed for a while (separate project). BUT i cleared away a tiny space and painted these:

and then these..

oh what a fun way to spend an evening!
best to pace myself for festive revelry.. oh! and that early morning start next Saturday..
So come and say hi to Dudley and Talk to the wind and Sun.. she has a whole range of wonderful little things.. like this hand cut stamp..

Saturday 19th December, Glebe market, would love to say hi - if you are in Sydney...


Robyn said...

Lovely blog - thanks! Loving the painted pegs and cubes. You are too clever.
Happened upon you, as we live in DUDLEY NSW, near REDHEAD and i was googling something related. Your blog was a super find! Did you grow up here or did you just know a redheaded bloke called Dudley?

Judy Manion said...

Wish we could be back in our old stomping ground to say hi! Have a blast at the Glebe market.

Anonymous said...

So great to meet you at Glebe! You guys were right in saying how much better it is to sell alongside other 'handmade' sellers. Enjoy your time of work and make lots of crafty stuff! :)

jenny said...

Really loved all your collection, I have not expected see these beautiful things here. I am very glad to see this all.



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