Sunday, December 13, 2009


I love buttons. I know some of you must do too. How sweet is this idea - a card i picked up at a stall in Design Festa in Tokyo.. as were this great selection ...

I had seen the stall - but due to dehydration/starvation because i couldn't tear myself away to revive.. my concentration was flagging.. then my (japanese) friend pointed out that i could fill a little plastic bag with whatever i liked for 1000 yen (about $12AUD). The Japanese crafters were not shy here AT ALL... with lots of stuffing and jiggling of said bag! They laughed at me as i asked "is this enough?" as they gestured for me to keep going... now to find a project..
In Nippori I discovered a gorgeous little button shop, sadly no official photography.. just imagine a 4 meter square room with middle cupboard and every surface presenting gorgeous jars + baskets of buttons, beads and felt bits from all over the world. All shapes, sizes and colours .. with some great combinations and displays.
I did gasp... They are called L'Musee - their website is here.

These i may need a hand in actually doing something with ... but i couldn't just leave them there.. could I?


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