Tuesday, December 1, 2009

As time goes by..

Great colour combos. Great style, loose sketchy but engaging. Not mine. Snapped while walking around Design Festa, Tokyo (see previous posts). Shame the weekend whipped past before i got chance to get out the inks, paints or fabric. Sigh. But i did add a wire to a pendant i also picked up while at the same design show..
How cool is this?

I was feeling a little fragile, and a teeny bit suspended in time when i bought it (having just been made redundant) but i still love it! ... here are the awesome artists: Tamunade

Zooming in..
more of their work..



katiecrackernuts said...

Love that wee little piece of art. I love small things actually.
How are you feeling now? Back into the swing of things with the new workforce?

Irit said...

These pendants are amazing!


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