Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wandering the streets of Tokyo

Last month armed with my Little Tokyo shops zine from Angela i found myself wandering the streets of Kichijoji looking for the Yokocho gallery since I'd read about it on three buttons blog... lots of tiny alley ways we came across the entrance..

Tiny but gorgeous..

we met the artist who created these soft caryon/pencil colourful delights..

I also had to buy this beautiful ceramic button, (about 2cm high) I love the texture and simplicity.. last weekend i added a brooch back.. which is about the only crafty thing I've done for weeks!
Last weekend was unbelievably hot with scorching 40 degree heat.. so alas i could not face doing anything too much at all.. I'm really hoping to do something soon... sewing? stamping? don't mention Christmas cards!

1 comment:

Betty Jo said...

YES, Christmas Cards!!!
Can a button get any cuter?


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