Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Onwards and forward...

So after an 'interesting' few weeks following on from my redundancy while on holiday in Japan ... I'm pleased to say I'm back to work!
I feel very lucky be staying with the same company... to join a new team with a great bunch of people and work on one of Australia's iconic titles.

This week, the next phase of my day job began with me working at the magazine that comes with the Saturday newspaper here in Sydney. I'm looking forward to the challenge of a different publication..

It's hard to make decisions (when faced with a change) not only on behalf of yourself, but also your whole family. I feel like i have the best of both worlds, and for that i'm grateful. To be able to 'go' to work but to also enjoy my time at home creating when i want to..

It's crazy all that debate about working mother vs stay-at-home mother, or the 'corporate' day job vs own handmade business... in the end we are all just doing what we can do, in the short time we have, to be happy. Surely that's all that matters ... however we choose to juggle it?


Busy Bird said...


Busy Bird said...

i am having moments of thinking of these things also - waste too much time worrying and not enough time being happy with where I am at right now.

katiecrackernuts said...

Congratulations. And how exciting.

Betty Jo said...

Going through those decision making times at chez Betty Jo.
Mr BJ and I have some career "forks in the road ", and it's always trickier with a family to consider.
Great news on the re-employment!
And I agree ,happiness should prevail.


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