Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The hunt for the hedgehog...

I do love a hedgehog, yes i do. Actually when i registered for Etsy i used hedgie-pig (not hog - you see) for my user name... cute. But little did i realise i would be stuck with it.. THEN i found out that in Japanese it is harinezumi - which translated means mouse with needles (as far as i know). So when in Japan recently i stuck with a bit of a theme and found these...
The first two pieces of zakka were found wandering the streets of Shimokitazawa (Tokyo) - on the hunt for tiny little things..

This one a nail brush was a present from my traveling companion found at the Hara Museum of Modern Art gift shop...

This delightful piece was a great textile discovery from Raak Kyoto - notice the prickly edges of the circles.. lovely colours too. Raak was one of my favourite finds - really contemporary, (and yet traditional + established) beautiful quality.. see the window display below where the hedgehog fabric is used as wrapping.. i did buy a few more pieces - which hopefully will arrive in the mail soon.. I couldn't decide whether to wear them or frame them.

Go for a virtual visit here.. it is truly inspiring... oh dear! don't tell miss R they have just released a horse print!

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