Thursday, November 12, 2009

Discovery ...

More beautiful watercolour work ... I bought quite a few postcards on my recent trip .. because lets face it - it is a fairly inexpensive way to collect art + inspiration! But while the majority of them are in transit (via sea to Australia) here is one i thought you might like to see.. by illustrator Ehina.. see more of her lovely work here
BUT there's more! on my third last day in Japan, hovering in a bookshop i discovered something called Happy New Year 2010 (published by Mook) ISBN978-4-79667313-6
Now this IS genius! Not only does it have over 100 pages of illustrators - divided into categories like pop, natural, japanese. It also has templates for making photocards. BUT THEN it has the jpegs on a CD!!! YES really! it even has the option of text and no text. I'm assuming that in Japanese it explains how the work is not for resale purposes and that cards are for personal use only... To make ones' New Year correspondence with style and flair.. Who wouldn't want to start printing out these gorgeous designs for personal wall paper immediately!
Here are a couple of Ehina's designs from the CD..

Ready to get out the inks/watercolours this weekend?


Cath from chunkychooky said...

I agree, I am a big fan of postacrds and cards which I frame, I cannot always affod the huge piece of work but love it enought to want to have it at home- postcards are perfect for this.

mariannealice said...

lovely...just lovely and I am going to resist buying that book even thought I want it!

Anonymous said...

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vgf2s32d said...

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