Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Discovery ...

So I must tell you about Design Festa. It was HUGE! and amazing. IF you are creative, or want to be inspired AND are thinking you may just go to Japan next year the next Design Festa is May 15. When i was there last month I think they had 800 exhibitors. Here's a beautiful piece of water colour work I found by MorinoMisako. While there i was always on the look out for how English was used.. don't you love the poetic phrase she has captured here ... 'Yesterday's dream dissolves into milk"
Here was her stand... it would've been nice to have had a chat..

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dash robin said...

oh, that is really lovely, those translations can be so sweet and i love her paintings. i hope you are coping okay with the job situation, best of luck with it,xdash


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