Thursday, October 8, 2009


Firstly, I am sorry. Sorry that there hasn't been much going on for you here lately.. But you see the time has FINALLY come and tomorrow i'm off to Japan. yippeeeeee indeed. The last few days have been busy painting a few more gifts to take with me.. (the one above i did an acrylic under painting then encaustic - on top - which is melted wax, fused with heat gun. Then i worked over it with oil paint and scratched a whole heap off with a scalpel).. it does actually look like it's amongst bush. anyway.. the rest of the time was spent with family and planning my itinerary.. thanks to Angela I have the hot Little Tokyo Shops zine in my suitcase..

So that's it.. off for 2.5 weeks.. sadly i don't have a laptop and i'm not planning on hanging out in internet cafes.. sooooo i may see if Miss R is able to do work experience on the blog.. if so she might be able to post a few updates.. and images from my phone.. we'll see!
otherwise bye for now.. i look forward to sharing my discoveries with you on my return..
stay well xxx


Betty Jo said...

Have a brilliant time Tara!
Hubby just arrived in Seoul today. I only then looked at the map and saw how close it is to Japan.
I'm imagining lots of spending yen on beautiful things will be happening.....

angelique said...

We know you will have a fab trip. Just take lots of notes that you can pass onto fellow travelers when they eventually get there. Dream dream dream:)

angela said...

How exciting!! I'm really enjoying your Tokyo updates!!! Keep them coming :)

Oooooh How CUTE is Japan!!!!


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