Sunday, September 27, 2009

Visual feast

So the weekend kicked off very nicely with a viewing of the 'September Issue'. Woo hoo! Like being drip fed chocolate for nearly 2 hours. I loved seeing the planning, the concepts, the power plays, the people, the history.
I wonder how many issues of THAT September Vogue are left out there.. as the movie does leave you wanting to get an actual copy! So next day i found the current Sept U.S. Vogue which still shows some of Grace Coddington's AMAZING work.. altho i wouldn't make a habit of buying magazines whose editorial start on page 224..! One of the fabulous photographers that Grace Coddington worked with was Norman Parkinson. WOW.. i guess i can't show you any pics but go here for a squiz..

Doing all that craft for the show a while ago I noticed that i didn't really have the energy left for much cooking.. but today with 6 over ripe bananas stinking out the kitchen. I had really wanted to sleep in - but couldn't manage it.. so baked some banana bread before 9am.. (just in time to whip down to the hardware for Mr R jnr's emergency hot glue gun sticks. He is making a model of his friends house....)
Last night with Talk to the wind and sun over (as we planned details of our trip to Japan) i was keen to try this recipe from Real Living. It was very simple, but served with potato wedges the goats cheese, roast capsicum + rocket was a great partner with a bit of steak.. I was then trying to get my mouth around some key japanese phrases..

So then it was time to go to the shed.. OH! but what would i do? where should i start? what to draw? Didn't i need to go out and get something? NO! i must work through it... so after doing a few sketches.. i did nothing with them BUT created these!! Ready for a couple of presents for a couple of friends.. I'm really pleased how they turned out. The ones above are hand coloured vintage story book pages... the one below just needed some pasting + blending.. I definitely think I'll be doing some more of these..

Phew! so maybe a couple more chores then a rest i think... hope you had a lovely weekend too...

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