Sunday, August 9, 2009

What did i do today?

Well it was only 8 degrees this morning, but the sun was out, sky was blue. So Miss R and I headed out. First stop some stationary supplies, then we checked out Vinnies , and finished with a yummy carrot cake sitting on Curl Curl beach. The sun on our backs. We were without cameras but i asked Miss R to recall the moment with a sketch... (We have BIG eyes as we saw Coraline in 3D last night which was awesome!) She returned home happy with this $3 hand stitched find.

I picked up the orange jug + wooden dish for $2.50 (I couldn't help myself - colour + texture) the duck + scarf were a $1 each at the jumble sale a few weeks ago..

Now don't you just enjoy styling 'little set-ups'? Taking the gorgeous close up. Huh? you don't have the space - i hear you cry? Well, wanna see the whole picture?..

Aaaaahhhhh, Welcome to Mr R's side of the room. That corner has the best afternoon light. Did i spoil the magic?


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