Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sew much fun..

Last week i did manage to get to one of the MCA's workshops. Held in conjunction with an exhibition by Louisa Bufardeci and Zon Ito. It was great to see some stitching on the walls of the gallery. This is one of Lousia's works here - but she has an amazing fascination with numbers and statistics - worth checking out her site. I also had a flick through this book - which is now on one of my wish lists.. "illustration PLay - Craving for the extraordinary"
It focuses on and unique techniques such as paper cutting, stitching, knitting, needlework, origami, patchwork. It also includes work by Jenny Hart and Rob Ryan.
Details here. The workshop began with nibbles + a glass of wine, then a look at the artworks. We were then shown a few techniques and let loose on the tubs of scrap fabric.. I really wanted to experiment, be spontaneous, do something new! BUT the graphic designer in me was a wee bit dominant (maybe i should have finished that glass). It was a bit much to fit all that in 2hrs but here's how my piece began:

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