Monday, August 24, 2009

the other side

Aaaaaaah! so that was the Show that was. What an experience.. Most heard phrase: "oh look she's actually carving those stamps.." Now i know how those folks that cut out paper silhouettes for tourists feel.. Oh! the presssure..
Good thing it could all pack up in the box.. (speaking of which - notice the cat in the box above!) So a big thank you to those of you that came and said hello, those that bought bits of Dudley, those that left comments and wished me well... it was much appreciated. Also thanks to Shelbyville for making the Show cosy.
Today was back to the day job, I did enjoy wearing my Surface Art t-shirt, above (see last post), most excellent.. So what's next? Well i'll need to put some bits online, send out some emails about the stamp kits/rubber block and REST! oh - and catch up with my family, friends + blogs...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was an absolute pleasure being your neighbour for the show. Until next time, enjoy the other side!


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