Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nearly there...

So that's it... if it's not in one of the 6 boxes sitting next to me... I don't have it. All packed up and ready to go to the Show!! I think i can move from "oh! not another card to pack/another tag to stamp/another item to package.. to 'won't it be fantastic to smile, say hi and meet everyone!' Woo hoo!
AND if you are nowhere near Sydney - then I'll be happy to keep you posted and let you know how it all goes..
The weather was glorious today - sunny and 25 degrees. (A glimpse of spring for sure). So the kids took a couple of friends and we walked through the bush for 15 minutes to picnic at Manly Dam. Mr R thought i was very organised and reasonably together (considering the amount of handmade items that have been covering the table).. I couldn't leave the house with nothing - so i sat on the picnic rug and embroidered my stall holders apron.. nothing like a decent excuse to whip up a pinny.

Sooooo i must go and rest up (still a couple of days at the real job to get through)..
Hope to see you there.. lvl 4 near the reconstruction zone..heaps to see + do.... check here for more info..

1 comment:

dash robin said...

have a great show! wanted to pop down alas, I couldnt find the time, but have a blast!


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