Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day two

So there i went again, i'm sooooooo not listening to MRS GPS woman tomorrow.. I think i'm going to take matters in to my own hands the other side of the Lane Cove tunnel.... anyway! I digress...
So how cool is tody's find? It's the cloth lampshade wrap. GORGEOUS!! I've been a big fan of cloth for a while so it was great to get up close.. AND get my hands on some.. inside tip: they have $5 remnant bags... I just might need another one...
Miss R (11 years old) came along today for work experience.. some of which was spent under the table as the space is a little small... BUT then i left her at the reconstruction zone.. which was stocked up with fabric scraps, trimmings + notions, with help on hand.. and she crafted herself a head band.. i should have taken a picture when she proudly returned..

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Elise M said...

So great to chat to you and see your lovingly crafted goodies up close....thanks for being a coninuing source of inspiration from afar. For me, the best thing about the S&C show was seeing these amazing creative women being really productive and honing their craft vision. Cheers, Elise


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