Sunday, August 30, 2009

shameless self promo

I'm back! Well just about. It's one week since the show, which also meant a week back at the full time day job. Which i have to say was a nice change. No driving huge distances, better options for lunch and not so much talking... This weekend i caught up with the family and THEN had a big clean up. I've spared you from images of lots of stuff piled up everywhere.. instead I've listed my Softie rabbit print.. he has the 3D look but has been printed on archival parchment paper - which has a lovely watercolour feel. I like the fact that the colours are soft, just like him..

Monday, August 24, 2009

While I was away..

So as i left the house early each morning leaving my family behind as Geena (the GPS) and i headed off down the M2 and M4 etc etc.. I wondered how they were spending the days. The boy had gone off on an army collectors weekend.. while Miss R and her dad crafted. I found these shots she had taken in my iphoto album. It's her friends birthday next weekend - so she had bought a model horse then made a blanket, halter and tack set.. I did admire her stitching and photography! Mr R happily sat and made the saddle.. aaah such crafty bliss.

the other side

Aaaaaaah! so that was the Show that was. What an experience.. Most heard phrase: "oh look she's actually carving those stamps.." Now i know how those folks that cut out paper silhouettes for tourists feel.. Oh! the presssure..
Good thing it could all pack up in the box.. (speaking of which - notice the cat in the box above!) So a big thank you to those of you that came and said hello, those that bought bits of Dudley, those that left comments and wished me well... it was much appreciated. Also thanks to Shelbyville for making the Show cosy.
Today was back to the day job, I did enjoy wearing my Surface Art t-shirt, above (see last post), most excellent.. So what's next? Well i'll need to put some bits online, send out some emails about the stamp kits/rubber block and REST! oh - and catch up with my family, friends + blogs...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 3 & 4...

So the update goes like this. GPS woman and i (let's call her Geena), have made up. We go her way to the Show and my way home. She did also help me out last night when i decided not to join half of Sydney heading into the city. Geena and i were BOTH pleased that today's trip there and back was much more pleasant.
In other news: YESTERDAY, i SOLD OUT of the rubber stamp kits + tools! :( which was sad that i couldn't share the product further.. so have found a last morsel to continue demonstrating.. and will hopefully be able to have some online soon.
It was also lovely to meet people from Dudley and Redhead.. (yes they are places in NSW and yes they tracked me down)..
If you were one of the lucky ones to secure the previously mentioned rubber block - click here for the how-to video..
It's great to see so many wonderful Austrlian textiles... todays pick are from surface art for more of their striking patterns click here and sprout design.. this delightful skipping girl is available as a quilt cover or baby blanket.. have a peek here.. Gorgeous indeed... One more day to go...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day two

So there i went again, i'm sooooooo not listening to MRS GPS woman tomorrow.. I think i'm going to take matters in to my own hands the other side of the Lane Cove tunnel.... anyway! I digress...
So how cool is tody's find? It's the cloth lampshade wrap. GORGEOUS!! I've been a big fan of cloth for a while so it was great to get up close.. AND get my hands on some.. inside tip: they have $5 remnant bags... I just might need another one...
Miss R (11 years old) came along today for work experience.. some of which was spent under the table as the space is a little small... BUT then i left her at the reconstruction zone.. which was stocked up with fabric scraps, trimmings + notions, with help on hand.. and she crafted herself a head band.. i should have taken a picture when she proudly returned..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Show

So, how did it go you ask? Well it was a bit of a drive and i did get lost. Oh - not that bit you say.
Day one.. pretty good. Met some great people. Had too much on my little table space. BUT you'd be disappointed if you'd come miles and i only had a few bits. So i thought i'd try for overwhelming instead, linger a a while and it makes sense.. Upstairs, level 4 is definitely the place to head for (perhaps with a couple of exceptions - like Prints Charming on level 3)... It's like Diagon Alley for crafters - magic abounds!
Today's highlight was finding Craft Schmaft (ok - she is next to me - but i will venture further tomorrow..)
I definitely have my eye on one of those little sock owls... soooooo gorgeous!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nearly there...

So that's it... if it's not in one of the 6 boxes sitting next to me... I don't have it. All packed up and ready to go to the Show!! I think i can move from "oh! not another card to pack/another tag to stamp/another item to package.. to 'won't it be fantastic to smile, say hi and meet everyone!' Woo hoo!
AND if you are nowhere near Sydney - then I'll be happy to keep you posted and let you know how it all goes..
The weather was glorious today - sunny and 25 degrees. (A glimpse of spring for sure). So the kids took a couple of friends and we walked through the bush for 15 minutes to picnic at Manly Dam. Mr R thought i was very organised and reasonably together (considering the amount of handmade items that have been covering the table).. I couldn't leave the house with nothing - so i sat on the picnic rug and embroidered my stall holders apron.. nothing like a decent excuse to whip up a pinny.

Sooooo i must go and rest up (still a couple of days at the real job to get through)..
Hope to see you there.. lvl 4 near the reconstruction zone..heaps to see + do.... check here for more info..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Counting down...

This weekend i did try to leave the house a little more... it's great having something to work towards, but it'll be nice to stop and DO the Show and meet those of you who can make it. (Check out who else is coming here).
Miss R and i packaged up some Robot kits (she said to mention she's horse mad - did you know?).. here's an idea with how to use your own hand carved rubber stamp.. ink it up with fabric paint. Stamp on to fabric and applique to a t-shirt.

Sew much fun..

Last week i did manage to get to one of the MCA's workshops. Held in conjunction with an exhibition by Louisa Bufardeci and Zon Ito. It was great to see some stitching on the walls of the gallery. This is one of Lousia's works here - but she has an amazing fascination with numbers and statistics - worth checking out her site. I also had a flick through this book - which is now on one of my wish lists.. "illustration PLay - Craving for the extraordinary"
It focuses on and unique techniques such as paper cutting, stitching, knitting, needlework, origami, patchwork. It also includes work by Jenny Hart and Rob Ryan.
Details here. The workshop began with nibbles + a glass of wine, then a look at the artworks. We were then shown a few techniques and let loose on the tubs of scrap fabric.. I really wanted to experiment, be spontaneous, do something new! BUT the graphic designer in me was a wee bit dominant (maybe i should have finished that glass). It was a bit much to fit all that in 2hrs but here's how my piece began:

What did i do today?

Well it was only 8 degrees this morning, but the sun was out, sky was blue. So Miss R and I headed out. First stop some stationary supplies, then we checked out Vinnies , and finished with a yummy carrot cake sitting on Curl Curl beach. The sun on our backs. We were without cameras but i asked Miss R to recall the moment with a sketch... (We have BIG eyes as we saw Coraline in 3D last night which was awesome!) She returned home happy with this $3 hand stitched find.

I picked up the orange jug + wooden dish for $2.50 (I couldn't help myself - colour + texture) the duck + scarf were a $1 each at the jumble sale a few weeks ago..

Now don't you just enjoy styling 'little set-ups'? Taking the gorgeous close up. Huh? you don't have the space - i hear you cry? Well, wanna see the whole picture?..

Aaaaahhhhh, Welcome to Mr R's side of the room. That corner has the best afternoon light. Did i spoil the magic?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good news!

DUDLEY REDHEAD STAMP OFFICE kits!!! woohoo.. Of course they will be available at my stand at the Stitches & Craft Show.. (although if you can't get to Sydney and you're jumping up and down wanting to try this AMAZING experience - leave a comment or email me and we can sort out something.)
So yes, the kits. The print blocks are available in 8x8cm or A5 and come with a sheet of designs for you to try. The first four are: Horsing around, How green does your garden grow?, Let's get together and Mr Robot..
Hopefully you are now seeing that aside from me going crazy - there's heaps you can do with this stuff...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lights, camera, action!

Aaaaaah yes another weekend. Of stamping! But this time - i bring you words + pictures! My first home movie.. nothing like learning another bit of software.. So be nice - it is all new.. the filming was courtesy of Miss R.
Hope you enjoy it .. for the you tube link click here.


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