Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the journey

The other day i found a tiny little notebook on my shelf, it had some scribblings in it. This was one of them. Do you often think about the journey ahead? which path to take? or do you stay in the moment putting one foot in front of the other? That's another reason I like listening to podcasts. Hearing other peoples life journeys. The latest one over at Craftsanity is with the lovely Justine. Someone who did change their path, pop over and have a listen. (Or subscribe for free in itunes - it's so easy and you won't have to go looking - the downloads come to you)... then on my way home on the radio they were asking the question: "what have you changed your mind about?" Hhhmmmm i thought (much like the visual above, but with winter clothes).. I didn't come up with anything too life changing. Only that i have changed my mind about self catering. Used to hate it. Now, quite like the idea of taking off on a short break with a car packed with yummy goodies. You?

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