Friday, July 17, 2009

In (one) of the sketchbooks..

I love the idea of keeping a journal. Really I do. I scribble a diary - mainly just to record what we are doing, where we have been and stuff we're currently into. I admire gorgeous journal pages.. such as those in 1000 artist journal pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol. Wonderful to peer into so many pages of others..
Or, Keri Smith's 'Wreck this Journal' which was a truly wonderful gift from a friend. But. (yes there always is one). I seem to have a problem with the word WRECK. they SAY 'wreck' but what if i really do? Like stuff it up? So at the moment it stays empty. I must be brave enough to take it to Japan. YES! that's what i'll do. Anyway - my point was i find myself doing this instead:

Going through my magazines and randomly ripping and cutting out images. It's a great way to reclaim your bookshelf/benchtop/beside the bed.

At the end it's amazing what happens when you 'sort' them. The things that seem to occur, naturally.

THEN, taa daa! So what do you have? I dunno. I just like them. Sometimes i cans use the colour combinations in an artwork or in felting. Sometimes i just like to look at the combinations and textures. Sometimes i just like the idea of distilling my magazine pile to some neat pages. Do you like to cut and paste?


Anna Lloyd said...

Thanks for getting back to me about the stamps!

I also love doing this with my magazines. These scrapbooks look great! Some inspiration for room decoration perhaps!?

angela said...

OOhhh, I really admire you!! I wish I could reclaim my bookshelf, floor, desktop and put them in a journal, I'm toooo scared!!!

But your beautiful pages look ever so convincing!!

mariannealice said...

Indeedy I do love to cut and paste..and I have a bunch of magazines just waiting to be sorted through. I usually just end up with a pile of pages so this idea is perfect!

Shelbyville said...

Ah yes, this is definitely my style of scrapbooking! I've been doing cut + paste since I was old enough to use scissors and a gluestick, and it's still one of my favouritest ways to spend an afternoon.


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