Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've been meaning to tell you about..

How synch-i-cated (sorry - 11 y.o. vocab), how simple it is to make your own stationery. I just opened up a mini envelope, traced around it onto a lovely Aussie picture book (50 cents at vinnies). Used my bone folder to do nice folds (but you could used a ruler to smooth the creases..) Then glued along the 2 bottom diagonals.
Aaah so then i had to make a matching card.. so out came the rubber, i carved out the koala. STAMPED. and theeeen i HAD to hand paint it... 'cos why stick to 2 steps when you can have 3?

After a wee walk around the neighbourhood - i carved out the pods + leaves on the right. This was then scanned in and coloured on the computer. SOOooooooo if you're getting a bit keen to try this stamping thing stay tuned for the good news...

the journey

The other day i found a tiny little notebook on my shelf, it had some scribblings in it. This was one of them. Do you often think about the journey ahead? which path to take? or do you stay in the moment putting one foot in front of the other? That's another reason I like listening to podcasts. Hearing other peoples life journeys. The latest one over at Craftsanity is with the lovely Justine. Someone who did change their path, pop over and have a listen. (Or subscribe for free in itunes - it's so easy and you won't have to go looking - the downloads come to you)... then on my way home on the radio they were asking the question: "what have you changed your mind about?" Hhhmmmm i thought (much like the visual above, but with winter clothes).. I didn't come up with anything too life changing. Only that i have changed my mind about self catering. Used to hate it. Now, quite like the idea of taking off on a short break with a car packed with yummy goodies. You?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taa daaaah!

So yesterday the sun was out the sky was blue. Today, cloudy, showers + grey. Not such a big deal BUT not helpful for today's planned photography session. I do love colour. But it's the playing with combinations that i enjoy. The mix + match. Inspired by the growth of Spring and the crunchy leaves of Autumn here's how yesterday's felt ended up on wire chokers. I will have some at the Stitches & Craft Show...
Speaking of which guess who will be there with me? Why, it's Shelbyville! Pop over and meet her here.

So i perservered with the clouds - to show you these postcards which arrived back from the printers last week. They are 'welcome baby', 'bon voyage' and 'get crafty'.. I love making up the little scenarios - it reminds me of the hours i spent on the floor in the attic, when i was little (Sussex, England).. organising my dolls and their rooms. It was never about the 'game' more about the setting up!

The softies were printed on parchment paper and their matching badges also arrived. Yipee...
How many days have i got to pack all this up?

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hello! How was your week? Jump through all the hoops? Get everything done? It seems that at the moment (winter in Sydney) a large part of the week is spent trying to avoid getting sick. No touching the traffic lights, bus, train, escalator, lift ... plenty of elbow work. This was my confucious thought of the week..

This morning i did the 3 hour round trip to collect the kids from spending 3 days with their Nana. No doubt forming all those childhood school holiday memories... I remember cuddling up in in the mornings with my grandparents.. the tea making machine on grandad's bedside table steaming into action, while nans teeth sat in a glass on the other side...

Then i had to whip up some felt before dinner, will let you know how it turns out..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guess what i found?

And don't they look jolly? The teenager, or is she a small woman? (on the right) is sporting a useful shirt in a gay fabric used as a beach coat. I was pretty happy to pick this up for 50 cents (it's maintained it's value for over 45 years!) at a nearby jumble sale last weekend.
Apparently Enid Gilchrist was an Australian fashion designer who became well-known for her numerous self-drafting pattern books which were popular in the 1950s to 1970s.

After studying dress design at Melbourne Technical College, during World War II she worked as a dressmaker for a pattern firm. She then made her own patterns, and later joined New Idea magazine, where she published sewing books showing clothes which people could make up from the pattern drafts.

Here's one I'd love to draft up:

Oh for the days where one could wile away the day time hours drafting up ones' wardrobe!... Miss R was also very interested in this one. Enid was obviously very 'modern' in her thinking...
The intro reads: "Nothing could be simpler to make than this little nightgown, but if you invest in some really exquisite lace motifs, it could be the most glamourous piece in your trousseau."
Hhmm, I will try and aim to work on my trousseau early Spring!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Indoors, outdoors ... but mostly in...

The last 2 days of last week i spent indoors... off work. Having to briefly go to hospital for some minor day surgery, i was looking forward to 'getting some things done'. Well my body was not willing to go with that plan. So i read, rested, watched Amelie and took it easy. Yesterday I felt much better. THEN i carved 16 rubber stamps!! Woo hoo! Here's how my garden series turned out. All my rubber stamp designs will be launched as pattern sheets at the Sydney Stitches & Craft Show. I'm excited..
After that stampede (der!) I'm off to rest my arm...

Drum roll....

So guess what? Big news. Errr... no, I haven't been keeping a pregnancy quiet. I'm going to be at the Sydney Stitches & Craft Show. OMG! It almost feels like it will be a short labour of sorts.. All those weeks of wondering.. Gathering heaps of stuff, everywhere ... And lots of deep breathing at the end.
I'd love to hear any advice from those that have done the show or similar fairs.. It'll be at Rosehill 19-23 August. I will be sharing my corner with a creative pal.. but more on that in the next few days..
So if you're in Sydney - get out the diary now and circle those dates. THEN keep 'posted' for more on what Dudley will have to offer. WOO HOO!

Friday, July 17, 2009

In (one) of the sketchbooks..

I love the idea of keeping a journal. Really I do. I scribble a diary - mainly just to record what we are doing, where we have been and stuff we're currently into. I admire gorgeous journal pages.. such as those in 1000 artist journal pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol. Wonderful to peer into so many pages of others..
Or, Keri Smith's 'Wreck this Journal' which was a truly wonderful gift from a friend. But. (yes there always is one). I seem to have a problem with the word WRECK. they SAY 'wreck' but what if i really do? Like stuff it up? So at the moment it stays empty. I must be brave enough to take it to Japan. YES! that's what i'll do. Anyway - my point was i find myself doing this instead:

Going through my magazines and randomly ripping and cutting out images. It's a great way to reclaim your bookshelf/benchtop/beside the bed.

At the end it's amazing what happens when you 'sort' them. The things that seem to occur, naturally.

THEN, taa daa! So what do you have? I dunno. I just like them. Sometimes i cans use the colour combinations in an artwork or in felting. Sometimes i just like to look at the combinations and textures. Sometimes i just like the idea of distilling my magazine pile to some neat pages. Do you like to cut and paste?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This morning on my way to work on a wet, cold, Sydney winter morning i was listening to another fabulous podcast from Craftypod. They were discussing how people can get a little obsessed with flogging their handmade items.. It's worth listening to their chat.. they also mentioned about getting to know the person behind the 'stuff' a bit more.. hmmmmm
Then i remembered i had been tagged, most of us have that's true. But these questions were new - so thought i'd just answer them.

What is your current obsession?
Making my own rubber stamps and researching a trip to Japan!
Coffee or tea?
Love to start the brain whirring with a coffee. Then quite partial to an afternoon tea + biscuit. Quite like an evening green tea. Always drink more cups of tea on self catered trips away.
Always have to leave a mouthful in the cup.
What’s for dinner?
Whatever the lovely Mr Redhead cooks Monday to Friday. Tuesday is usually tuna pasta. Whatever i feel like doing on the weekends.
What was the last thing you bought?
Some orange cardboard tags.
What are you listening to right now?
The latest Regina Spektor Album. Quirky. Fun.
What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
I’ve just discovered green tea. Yumbo.
What is your favorite colour?
Green. No. It's grey!
What is your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
Impossible to decide. I love layers and get bored easily.
What is your dream job?
To work for myself on my own creative projects and not “have to” do anything.
Just ' do' because it feels right.
How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up?
I don’t set an alarm. Once i realised you can just ask your own self to wake up when you need to. True.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bless you...

Yesterday i was doing a bit of printing, bit of painting, bit of photography. But more on that later. Being winter in Sydney seems to mean more germs in the air. Then there's swine flu on the planes... So as i swig the Echinacea and wipe surfaces i found myself creating this image. A card for those that have been quarantined.. Not sure about sending it to the printers.. but it's one way of documenting social events...
Hope you all have a healthy week!

Out and about

Today Dudley ventured out (with the family) to the Everleigh Artisan's Market. Dudley was meeting the girls from the book swap group. It's only been going a few months but does show potential. The space being the undercover area opposite Carriageworks.
It's interesting to see how the new wave of crafters/designers/artists are emerging from their loungerooms/studios and how they are fitting in to the established markets/spaces. It seems as with Finders Keepers, that not only is there room for new markets, but that the public + market place is ready for them!
So pop along the first Sunday in August and show some support..

Oh.. so the altered book swap project.. that's where 5 of us (who have only really become friends through this project) - meet up, swap books - then alter them. See more here. I had the mini Spanish/English dictionary back this time. My chosen word being: dead.


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